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Monday, September 13

September 13, 2004 Posted by Vaire

New Knitty is out, there's some seriously good stuff there this time. Leaves and Waves and Unbiased are irresistible, Zig Zag is fabulous, but probably wouldn't fit my body type. The idea of Unbiased is brilliant, although when I make it I'll substitute yarn.

R's brother got married on Friday.

R and P after civil ceremony

Here's the happy couple after the ceremony.

While R was away at his brother's bachelor party on Wednesday a couple of my new girl friends came over. We chatted, drank tea and I knitted on Alhambra Socks. We had loads of fun and this Wednesday we'll go out fabric hunting.

The ever-changing gauge on Alhambra Socks makes things interesting. Over the lace it is 9 sts per inch, over the straight stockinette on foot it is 10 sts per inch. The sock fits perfectly everywhere.

The landsknecht stockings fit! At least they fit another friend whose measurements match closely the recipient's. Since I need to test-knit the clocks anyway, I'll begin his (recipient #2) fighting stockings immediately I've finished the first Alhambra Sock. We made a trade: he'll make me some bone replica sewing needles and I'll knit him a pair of hose for fighting. They will be made from Novita yarn 7 brothers in black. 7 brothers is superwash and will respond better to occasional ripping than the fine wool I'm using for the first pair. Also, I can use 3 mm needles instead of 2 mm ones. At the same time I'll cast on for the second Landsknecht stocking of the first pair and knit it down to the ankle. So I'll have this pair ready for the clocks once I've figured them out. That's the plan anyway, we'll see what really happens, the second Alhambra Sock has to fit in there somewhere too.