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Monday, August 2

August 02, 2004 Posted by Vaire

I'm back! I have lots to tell and show.

I have some sad news too. Right before we left, R's mom called and let us know her old ex-feral cat Wilbur had died.


The first time I met him I was warned to be careful: he was an ex-feral cat who adopted the household and apparently didn't like anybody. Of course the first time I saw him I forgot all about it, scooped him up, scratched his ears and under his chin. Nothing bad happened. Later when he came in I lifted him to my lap again and I was warned that when he's had enought he'll scratch me. Nope, he just left. Everybody were baffled, how can it be? He's supposed to be mean loner not a cuddly lap cat! Maybe it was that I was never afraid of him or that he was just so surprised to be petted the first time. Nobody really knows why, but he enjoyed my company.

Rest in peace, Wilbur. You were a free spirit and I enjoyed your company too.

The two weeks wacation went fine.

We flew from Stockholm to Helsinki and took a speed boat to Tallinn. Our travel arrangements may seem weird, but they were economical. A straight flight would have cost twice as much and a straight ferry would have cost more also. Anyway, everything went fine and we were greeted by nice weather on the other side of the sea.


Here's a small sailboat just out of Helsinki harbor.

We spent a couple of days in Tallinn doing nothing particular and then went to my parents' summer cottage.

Saaremetsa house

Saaremetsa house

Where my mom grows flowers everywhere

Saaremetsa house

and dad occasionally grills meat.

This occasion was to celebrate my mom's and brother's birthday. That shabby building in the background is the original barn-cowshed from 1920's.

My brother took us also on a tour to Rakvere fort, Lake Peipus and Russian villages near it. After the partying, touring and taking it easy we went back to Tallinn where we shopped ourselves silly. But about all that later.

To be continued...