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Monday, May 24

May 24, 2004 Posted by Vaire

We're back. It was very cold and windy this year, but we had fun. Lots of it. As a consequence of the weather, we both have a cold too.

Wednesday we arrived just in time for court. One of our Finnish friends was put on vigil to contemplate becoming a knight. On Thursday's court he said 'Yes' and was knighted. Vivant for Sir Grimr! On Friday a Swedish friend was put on vigil and knighted on Saturday. Vivant for Sir Brendan! A weekend filled with happy surprises.

I took a camera with me this time. As usual I didn't take one single picture during the event. I was too busy running around doing stuff to remember it.

This forgetting things is not good. Especially when you forget to take along all the materials you've prepared for a class. I was scheduled to teach a class about hand sewing on Friday. I have a bunch of fabric samples, samples of seams, stitches, hems and whatnot; I also have written a class handout. Everything was left behind. Fortunately I could direct the students to Rewal website where the handout resides and draw schematics on whiteboard. All the clothes I was wearing were hand-sewn so I could show them some samples too. It is embarrasing to have forgotten such an important thing, though, even when I could pull it off doing it by heart.

It was excellent to see people I hadn't seen for a long time and there were new people to get to know. I had a blast.

Instead of making new 15th century clothes, I have decided to try out a Landsknecht camp follower persona. Their clothing seems to best fit my requirements: adjustable to hot and cold, not heavily embellished, comfortable and looks good. Fortunately there is one very knowledgeable lady in Stockholm who is willing to teach and guide me.

The weather may have been miserable, but the people were fabulous. Everything considered, a good event.