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Wednesday, April 7

April 07, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Woo! I'm done with the raglan increases! Now I have to decide whether I'll knit the body in one piece or three. If I knit it in one piece I have two less seams to sew. But... I have to knit the sleeves flat to preserve the gauge, so there are two seams anyway, just shorter. Knitting the body in three pieces at the same time is a bit fiddly, but doable. I have an idea about seaming, but I've never tried that stitch before. Perhaps I should knit a swatch? I'm not fond of swatches, but I'd much rather rip a swatch than an entire sweater because of a bad idea. Lots of but's today.

The school goes well. I can keep up with the teacher and I'm starting to get to know the other students. Lots of interesting people from diverse places like Qatar, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Brazil, USA and UK. This covers only the ones whom I've met, there are several girls from Asia and a few Russian-speakers I haven't talked to yet.