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Monday, March 29

March 29, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Today was the first day at the SFI course. This week is an introductory week and the students will be placed to their groups on Friday. The preliminary placements were given out today and I've gotten my wish: to learn Swedish as fast as possible. The speed of study rating is 1-10 where 1 is a Norwegian or a Dane and 10 is somebody to whom Swedish is completely alien. I got a 3 on that scale. Yay!

The guide/teacher spoke Swedish first and then English. I was surprised that I could understand about 80-90% of the Swedish. My writing skills are non-existent, though. Hopefully I can put some emphasis on developing the writing skills during the course. This course seems to be somewhat focused on the individual student, while still following a set frame.

R is going away to role-play over Easter. At first I thought to visit folks in Tallinn, but I was too late — all the tickets we could afford were already taken. So I'm going to R's moms place instead. It's about time I visited her anyway.

I'll take along yarn for a few projects, like Critter Knitters blankets, Everyday Cardigan and whatever else inspires me at the time.

I've started on the first kitty blanket. I'm using Bravo acrylic yarn that I had bought for socks, but after the first pair disintegrated I put it aside. It is made out of small mitered squares that require no sewing. There are lots of ends, though. No picture tonight, I'll try to take a better picture in daylight tomorrow.

Projects In Planning.

Adrienne Vittadini Everyday Cardigan. I haven't cast on the swatch yet, but have decided that 7mm needles would be better for the Deni yarn than 10mm needles I originally planned to use. Yes. I'm still planning winter things because it's cold here. The temperatures outside may be rising, but in the inside it's too cold to wear just a T-shirt. Brrrrr! Also a pair of mittens using the reasearch I did on the Votic fragment.