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Friday, March 26

March 26, 2004 Posted by Vaire

My aunt gave me a digital camera when I was over in Tallinn last weekend, so I took my new toy out for a walk yesterday. We live on an island in Stockholm's City Centre and there are quite a few bridges nearby.

This is what you see when you take the stairs down at the side of the house and walk past three houses to the river.

View across the river

If you walk by the water uphill then you come to the bridge to Liljeholmen.

A bridge to the south

If you walk back to the house and past it you come to a small bridge to yet another island. From that bridge you can see a bridge to north and the Old Town beyond it.

A bridge to the north

I am slowly starting to learn how to navigate in Stockholm. So far I know where the local food stores are, the location of a yarn store, where are the subway station's various entrances and how to get to the airport and ferry terminal.

Thus, having the essentials covered, I can take my time exploring my new home town.