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Friday, March 12

March 12, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Today I finished the first Novita sock.

Novita's 7 Brothers color #827

The pattern is a very simple 4-stitch repeat:
Round 1: *yo, k2, k2tog; repeat from *.
Round 2: knit.

When I bought the yarn I wanted to add another color to tone down all the violet and lilac. I didn't have any that went well with it and didn't have time before the move to buy a natural white. These socks are meant to replace the hole-y Toes on Fire, so it doesn't really matter that they're Unrelieved Violet. On to the second sock.

The company I worked for in Estonia had a small HTML job for me. It should be finished before I leave for the Drachenwald Crown Tourney on Thursday. I'm also planning to visit family while in Tallinn.