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Monday, March 8

March 08, 2004 Posted by Vaire

The Lana Grossa OKAY Print is unsalvageable. I just can't come up with anything to make it attractive to me again. Tried the Crusoe socks from Knitty, they were nothing special and, besides, I've already knit these socks once. I'm process oriented and having to knit something twice is taxing enough. Four times is right out. Tried the yarn doubled, but the beautiful colors got mixed up and muddied.

I decided to knit socks for CIC instead — less stitches means that the patterning will be different, straight stockinette for blog surf knitting and eventually somebody will be happy about them. I won't be trading the yarn because it has been ripped and reknit so many times.

Speaking of charities. Wendy and Liz are in the process of organizing a Critter Knitters Knitalong. My first impulse was to join, but then I thought that the shelters here in Stockholm would need blankets too; so I decided to join in spirit and knit blankies for local cats.