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Sunday, February 8

February 08, 2004 Posted by Vaire

The socks are finished. If the photos are decent I'll post them after I've taken the film to the lab to be developed.

Yesterday I went to the Rahvakunsti Klubi to see what has become of the fabric I'd woven there. The club had warped 20 meters assuming there were more than 2 people interested in weaving. There weren't, so we had to find somebody to weave the rest of it. I only wanted one Estonian medieval wrap skirt (~2.5m) and my friend wanted a shoulder wrap (~1,7m). The lady my friend found had finished weaving last Saturday and she had done an excellent job. I ended up buying 7 meters of her fabric, besides paying for the materials which I wove myself. One warm handwoven 15th century cloak coming up for an event in March. I can't wait to start sewing!

Where did this medieval stuff suddenly come from? I belong to The Society for Creative Anachronism (aka SCA) kingdom Drachenwald and also to a Medieval Club "Rewal" in Tallinn. Both of these organizations study middle ages and have events where members dress up as their medieval persona. Fun, fun, fun. I've been interested in middle ages since I was a kid and now I have found people to dress up, play, party and discuss things with.