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Sunday, December 7

December 07, 2003 Posted by Vaire

Today's spinning tally: 3 more bobbins of singles spun and 4 bobbins of two-ply.

One heel with gussets is finished and the other is just past turning. I tried the finished heel on and this might be The Perfect Heel (TM).

Ever since I started to knit socks I've been trying to find the elusive Perfect Heel. I've tried short row heels over 50% or 60% of stitches. Nope, too tight over instep. Peasant heels – same thing. Heel flap and gusset with different turning styles? Better than the previous two, but not Perfect Heel. Julie's Small Gussets Coming and Going Heel fits like a glove snugging my foot lovingly. If it still feels right after I've worn the finished socks, I think I've found my Perfect Heel.