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Friday, June 10

New Blog Look, and More Spinning

June 10, 2016 Posted by Vaire , , ,

Yesterday I started playing with new blog templates, and this is the result. I am not sure if I shall stay with the shorter posts, or with this template. Let me know if anything is wonky, please.

Going to the dentist sucks no matter what. Today it sucked only very little because instead of beginning the process of getting a crown, she instead fixed two fillings which had moved. They had shifted and made the gap between the teeth jagged, so everything got stuck and started pressing the teeth apart. I should have gone back earlier to have it looked at, but new job, etc. This time I got a stern reminder that if things do not improve in a few weeks, I absolutely must go back asap.

Tour de Fleece is approaching and I got bored with super fine spinning. This led to switching out the flyers and doing some relaxing spinning for thicker yarns. Yarns where I don't have to be so vigilant not to let the thickness vary, and where I don't have to pick out every slightest nep, noil, or inconsistency.

Mines of Moria

First up, Mines of Moria by Lanitium ex Machina. The yellow and blue in this batt was a complete surprise, but once I got over my dislike of yellow colour, I actually love how it turned out. The yellow looks like gold veins in rock, the blue gives it depth, and now I wish I had bought more of this.

Mines of Moria

I spun a textured single and then chain plied it. No idea what to do with it. The yarn would be suitable for a hat, but it is not a colour I would wear. It would look stunning, though.

Burning Embers

Next was the very first indie batt I ever bought. Burning Embers by Vampy. I was immediately attracted to the layers of red and black, but it took me years to become a good enough spinner to do it justice.

Burning Embers

I tore the batt to strips, attenuated them slightly and spun two singles, which I then plied into 2-ply. I did maintain some consistency, but it began as a batt and I have learned to not expect it to spin up smooth. Total comfort spinning.

Burning Embers

It is absolutely stunning. The colours, the texture, the glints of glitter. I am very happy how it turned out.

Inspired by all this progress, I went and bought more fibre, 580 grams total. That, in turn resulted in a goal of spinning up at least 500 grams before TdF to try to have the net increase of fibre not to be more than half a kilo. Spinning sock yarn and thicker goes so much faster than the cobweb singles I am spinning for Mum.

I have already spun up 230 grams in these two projects and I have started on 113 more. I have a 110 g braid, and 150 g of another Multiply colourway from nunoco lined up with a plan. That is probably all I have time for before the Tour de Fleece starts. Once it starts, I want to make a serious dent in my fibre stash.