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Monday, May 9

Pajulehekirjaline sall

May 09, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

Last week I finally figured out the shape for the shawl/scarf I wanted to knit from the green laceweight yarn i spun. It is a gift, so I wanted it to be just right. Well, actually I wanted it to be perfect, but the yarn is not even enough for that, so 'just right' will have to suffice.

Pajulehekirjaline sall

At first I thought about making it an asymmetric triangle, then an ordinary triangle, but I went with a rectangle. The main reason for the rectangle is that I can use up every last bit of the yarn. I could have figured out how to make the lace pattern work with a triangle and then cover only 1/3rd of it, but I decided that by the time I'd made that pattern, the deadline would already be past. I have less than a month to knit this and then ship it.

Pajulehekirjaline sall

It took me some time to find the perfect pattern for this yarn, but I am very happy how this is turning out. The lighter silk patches look like sun spots on the leaves, and the darker patches look like shadows.

I hope it will be as stunning after blocking as I imagine it to be, and that the recipient likes it enough to wear it.