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Monday, January 11

Need More Kitties in Your Life?

January 11, 2016 Posted by Vaire

Is your home too small to get more cats? Do you want some, but can not? Do you have allergies that prevent you from living with a cat (or two)?

Neko Atsume is for you*.

Neko Atsume

This is a brilliant Japanese game of cats. You put out food, toys, cushy things to sit on, and the cats may come visit. Or not. They may be virtual but they do behave very much like real cats. And like with real cats, you can take photos of your virtual ones and stick them to an album.

It is the most laid back and stress-free game I have ever played. Can't put out food before it runs out? No worries, the kitties visit someone else and will come back once there is food again. It is delightful, simple, adorable, and so very true to life.

* This is not an ad, I do not get any compensation for this recommendation. It is only from one cat-besotted person to another. Get it on your preferred smart-device. You won't regret it.