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Friday, December 11

Blanket for Baby #2

December 11, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,

Baby #2 (niece) has arrived and the blanket #2 has also reached its destination. The wool is from an Irish mill bought specifically for this project during my trip to Dublin this spring. I ran out of two colours (all hanks were 100 grams, beats me why), so I used the colours that I fortunately had not run out of. "Adds interest", as my Mum said.

Blanket for baby #2

As usual, it is impossible to take a photo of anything without Sona unless I either remove him or take enough pictures for him to get bored and leave. I tried to make the colours to be suitable for both a boy and a girl. The blanket is large enough to be folded in the pram, so the preferred ones can be on top.