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Wednesday, April 22

Sewing Table

April 22, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,

After coming to the realisation that I needed a cutting/sewing table if I were to be serious about sewing clothes without my body being pissed off at me I looked at IKEA. As usual, they had everything I wanted. I wanted the legs to be white, wood, and adjustable. No problem there, the Finnvard trestle was exactly that. How about a table top that's at least 150 cm wide and deep enough? Well, 80 cm would have been preferable, but 75 cm will do.

I wanted the table to be stable, so I went for the massive wood table top instead of one that was already white, but made out of cardboard. I figured that 26 kilos would be stable. Oh boy! It was very stable on the floor until I could figure out what feats of strength I needed to perform to get it on top of the legs. Sadly, the legs are made from massive wood, but of a very light sort (albizia, according to the specs), so they are a bit more wobbly than I expected.

Sewing Table

I could take them back, I guess, and exchange for legs made from the same wood as the table top, but... They were stable enough to take the weight of the top and Sona jumping up while they were adjusted to the max height, so I figure they are good enough for now. Plus, at max height they were perfect to work standing, i.e. cutting, and adjusted down, they are fine for sewing.

The massively heavy table top is unfinished wood, but I wanted it to be white. I got this idea to cover the top with a white medium weight cotton to improve grip for cutting from the tailoring videos I watched. Naturally, I could get that too at IKEA. I had to get a staple gun to fix the fabric to the table top from a hardware store, but I would not be surprised if one day IKEA will start selling them too.

Seeing Table

And here it is, a finished sewing table that is exactly as adjustable as I wanted it to be, can be taken apart for storage, and is white. One of the legs will house the sewing machine and I need to get some storage boxes for the other for sewing paraphernalia and small mats storage.