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Monday, July 8

The First Week of TdF

July 08, 2013 Posted by Vaire ,

The first week of Tour de Fleece is over; today is a rest day in the race, so no spinning for me either. It's good to have a break once in a while. To let the hands rest and do something else.

TdF: Week 1

This is what I've achieved during the first nine days. It looks pitifully little compared to the bobbins and bobbins full of fine finished yarns some spinners are producing. But early on I decided not to compete against production level spinners, just myself.

Consistency is what I am after, and it hasn't been easy to come by so far. I have found that it is easier to draft fine when the top or roving is split to 1/8ths. It is easier to draft from a thinner top. Period. But to be able to spin fractals, one must draft as fine from a 1/2 of the top as from the 1/8.

After I'd finished one half of the grey top, I decided I wanted some colour in my life and began on a hand painted roving. I'm spinning it thicker than the grey, and trying to maintain good consistency there too. Yesterday I finished one half of that roving and began on the 1/2 that I'd set aside. Oh boy. Not easy to draft the same thickness as the first half at all.

I am determined to conquer the fractals, so tomorrow I am going to continue with the colourful roving, and practice, practice, practice.