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Friday, November 16

Hall Progress

November 16, 2012 Posted by Vaire , ,

The hall is progressing nicely. I've achieved almost all my short term goals. The long term goal for the hall is the same as for the bathroom: strip and rebuild. The plaster is cracking and the floor is atrocious. Those need to be fixed, besides adding one or two wall sockets.


The short term goals are:

  1. Get a console table and mirror set.
  2. Hang the mirror.
  3. Paint both the mirror and the table in black and red.
  4. Have the drawer in the table fixed by a professional.
  5. Get a 1930s hat rack.
  6. Remove the pitiful excuses for hooks.
  7. Hang the hat rack.
  8. Remake a bookshelf into a wardrobe by:
    1. Get a hanging rod for the bookshelf.
    2. Get doors for the bookshelf.
    3. Get new doors for the credenza.
    4. Attach all new doors.
    5. Get rid of old too small doors and drawers.
    6. Lift the credenza on top of the bookshelf.
    7. Get knobs for the wardrobe.
    8. Rearrange the shelves .
    9. Get some baskets to hold stuff.
  9. Get a new rug to cover the cold tile.
  10. Get a new door mat for the inside.
  11. Get a new door mat for the outside.
  12. Hang a watercolour my grandfather painted.
  13. Decorate with candles and possibly a plant.
  14. Get a bench to go under the hat rack.

This week my friends came over and drilled all the holes needed in the hall. The also drilled holes for the bookshelves in the room, and helped me lift the credenza on top of the bookshelf.

There are a few things left to do, but I am very happy about the progress.