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Wednesday, October 31

A Bit of Progress

October 31, 2012 Posted by Vaire , , ,

There has happened quite a bit in the flat these past few weeks. I found a retro cabinet for the bathroom. It's from 50s and cream, but I like the style and a bit of paint will fix the colour. Now only the lamp is left to find for the bathroom.

A couple weeks ago I fetched my new Bauhaus night table. The auction house took a while to transport it from Malmö to Stockholm, but I didn't have space for it earlier anyway. It is gorgeous black painted wood with chromed steel details, roomy, and shows quite a bit of use. I love it.

Then I went and bought the Elfa rails and consoles for the new bookshelf. I decided to not get their shelves as well because neither the white ones, nor the "wood" ones are actually wood. I went with Ikea Hemnes shelves instead, which are both wood, and white. Cheaper than Elfa, too. Score!

I also have (finally!) decided on what to get from Ikea, and went shopping there. I got new yarn storage caddies, doors for the hall wardrobe, shelves for the bookshelf, and other small stuff. The next day I spent the whole day assembling, disassembling, organising, shuffling, packing, unpacking, and tiring myself out in general.

Then on the following Sunday there was the Autumn cleaning day at the house association where I helped. After that was done, with some help from neighbours, I carried all that didn't fit into the new flat down to the container. I would have preferred to have at least the metal bits recycled, but I do not have a car to take them to the recycling centre. I also did not have the time to try to sell them, nor did I want to take the risk that nothing will sell and I'll have to wait until spring container.

My new chair has also arrived and is just as comfy as I thought it would be. Sona has taken a liking to sharpen his nails on it because he can reach up. I have a plan of getting him a tall scratching plank, but until then I have my chair wrapped in an old throw to protect it. Not pretty, but I can't let him destroy it either.

The room is a mess right now, with piles of books everywhere, but it already looks a lot more spacious without the chunky Ikea Bestå pieces and the "sofa". When I've got the bookshelf up, the wardrobe completed, and the tables organised, the room is going to look so much better than it has for the past four months.

I can't wait!