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Monday, August 20

The Dangers of Internet, Part II

August 20, 2012 Posted by Vaire , , ,

Internet is a dangerous thing... Whatever you are looking for, it is there to be found and bought. Sometimes finding the perfect thing takes months, even years, sometimes it takes no time at all. And sometimes the thing you find, is not on the Internet, but you stumble upon it accidentally because the Internet sent you there.

I had been looking for lamps because I need to replace the one in the kitchen. (It is moderately hideous, and unsuitable.) I found an ad for the style of a lamp that I'd been looking for, so I went to look at it. On my way there I walked past what looked like an antique store and decided to stop by on the way home.

When I went back I spotted a ceiling lamp through the window, the style of which I'd seen while browsing auction sites and fallen in love with completely. To my chagrin the door was closed and there were no opening times posted. Instead, there was a card with names and numbers, so I rang.

Turns out that it was not a store, but a workshop. The owner was on his way in anyway, and told me that he'd be there in fifteen minutes, and would I be ok waiting? I really, really wanted to take a look at that lamp, so I said yes. I wasn't planning to actually buy anything, I just wanted to see it up close to make up my mind if that style would work in my room.

The lamp visible from the window wasn't quite what I wanted. It had an orange-red lower disc of glass, and I wanted a white one, or at least a cool colour. When I expressed my reservations, he casually says: 'Oh I have another one here somewhere, let me pull it out for you.' Then he shows me this gorgeous thing.

Ceiling lamp

Of course, I was sold. There is not a single piece missing or broken. It even has an intact ring of etched glass to hide the light bulbs when viewed from the side. The upper disc is clear glass that has been etched and engraved. The lower one is just etched clear glass.

Ceiling lamp

It is perfect. It fits the room perfectly, and it is stunning both lit and unlit. It is so simple, but has plenty of detail. Unobtrusive, yet eye catching. I love it. Putting it up took several tries, but I won over slight vertigo, sweaty hands, and fear of breaking it.

I did buy the original lamp I went to look at. It is a flimsy IKEA copy of a 1910s or 20s lamp, but it only cost 50 krona, so I bought it. When I unpacked it at home I realised that the seller had strategically hidden the fact that the socket has been cut off, so I need to strip the wire and attach a socket. Hence no pics yet.