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Wednesday, June 1

Laul teeb meid rõõmsaks

June 01, 2011 Posted by Vaire

Laul teeb meid rõõmsaks
laul meilt mured kõik viib
Kas olgu õhtu hommiku
laulge siis
Laul teeb meid rõõmsaks
tuju ikka on hää
Kui laulad lõbust laulu sa
terve päev

These are the two first stanzas of my newest most favourite song 'Laul teeb meid rõõmsaks' by Modern Fox. The lyrics promise that "song makes us merry", and this particular song fulfils that promise.

If you like the style, you can listen to the samples of all the songs on 'Oober' on and if you are in Estonia, you are also able to buy the CD. The rest of us have to be satisfied with the samples.