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Sunday, April 25


April 25, 2010 Posted by Vaire

These past three months have not exactly been the best months of my life.

I'm tired of my employer's inept management, tired of being pushed here, there and everywhere, tired of being assigned more work than my team can do, tired of not being listened to when we've tried to explain how understaffed we are. As of 1st of May I'll have my fourth manager in six months.

I'm just so tired, I haven't done anything but try to not lose my mind like some of my colleagues have (so far the track record is one nervous breakdown per year per ~20 people). As a result I haven't blogged about the Olympic socks I've knit (still no pix), the weight I've gained (back to 71 kilos again), that I rearranged the room again (I like it better now), that I joined a casual raiding guild (I <3 them) or how the kittens are doing (very well, thank you).

I'm so very very tired. There is so much that I want to do, but all my energy goes into maintaining the last shreds of my sanity and work. I've had to give up SCA for the time being, I haven't spun in months and I'm only able to knit very simple things because I can do that on autopilot.

Regardless of how little energy I have or how tired I am, the work needs to be done and I must go to Copenhagen on Monday night to teach a customer on Tuesday how to create reports. I used to love to travel, now, I'm just tired. Tired all the time, tired of everything. Tired...

I may sound hopeless right now, but I know this will pass. Nothing ever stays the same and things will get better. They always do.