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Friday, January 29

HaloScan is no more

January 29, 2010 Posted by Vaire

HaloScan is my second provider for comment software on this blog and I've been happy with them up to now. Today I received a notice that HaloScan will shut down on 13th of February.

This is the second time my comments provider went under. The first provider just disappeared and I lost a couple years' worth of comments. Luckily, this time there is a two weeks notice and a possibility to save the comments in xml form.

I was very sad to lose the comments back then because I appreciate each and every one of them. Maybe there will be a way for me to import the comments I saved this time, but at least I have them.

I had been so happy with HaloScan that I chose not to use Blogger comments when they were implemented. Now, I'm enabling them and I hope they are as painless to use as HaloScan was.

Update: Sigh. And within two days I get my first comment spam. That's why I loved HaloScan so much, I got no spam whatsoever. I am sorry, but I had to turn on the comment moderation to keep spam away.