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Monday, November 9

Toilet Training Cats, Phase IV

November 09, 2009 Posted by Vaire

Today is my birthday and I celebrated it by eating chocolate cake with my friends in World of Warcraft. I also gave a can of tuna for the kittens.

Phase IV: A bowl instead of a box.

The toilet training progresses. I have replaced the ordinary box with a bowl and things haven't gone without a glitch. Yesterday I was a emptying it and Sona crawled into the bag with cat sand to do his business because he couldn't wait. Fortunately his backside stuck out of the bag so he only made a puddle on the floor.

I poured some fresh cat sand on it, let it soak a bit and scooped it up. Then I scrubbed the floor with citrusy soap to discourage them to associate that spot with pee. Things went rather well afterwards. When I could see them doing their thing, Juku put three paws on the seat, Sona put all four into the bowl and there haven't been any more accidents.

That means that it's going to take a while to teach Sona to squat on the seat with all fours. I began by lifting both his front feet to the seat. Once he does that automatically, I'll begin lifting one of his back legs, then the other. I'll be teaching Juku at the same time to put the last paw on the seat.

It would be awesome if Sona would learn from Juku, then I can get rid of the sand even faster.

P.S. No pix yet. It's hard to catch a kitten on the toilet, not to mention having a camera at hand. Patience, young one.