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Friday, May 15

Life Goes On

May 15, 2009 Posted by Vaire

I miss Ursus. I'll probably will always miss him, but he's gone and I need to go on.

A lot has happened in the past two months. I fell in love and became a girlfriend again. Then after Ursus died I moved in with him. He didn't want me to feel lonely or sad, and he didn't want Mao to be lonely while I was at work, either.

So for the past nearly three weeks I've been living in a suburb with a total of four cats. There have been some adjustments to living arrangements, but all in all, so far so good. The best thing is that there is a bath! Well, besides living with the boyfriend, of course.

I've been knitting some and crocheting some, but have forgotten to take pictures. He has a camera that I can borrow, I just need to remember to snap a few when it's light outside.