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Monday, March 9


March 09, 2009 Posted by Vaire

One of my friends who was over for the Russian themed dinner noticed a Russian delicacies store where he lives and told me about it. He showed me where the store was on Saturday and they had everything I'd not been able to buy over here before.

Pelmeni! Quark! Pryaniki! And lots of other stuff that one can't buy in an ordinary Swedish grocery store. They had one freezer filled with several different kinds of pelmeni, shelves upon shelves of pryaniki and baranki. I bought vareniki, three kinds of pelmeni, two kinds or quark and honey pryaniki. I had to restrain myself not to buy one of each kinds of pelmeni they had. I can go back once I've tried the ones I bought.

I was also invited to dinner at my friends' place. The dinner was excellent and I had a very good time. She spins on a drop spindle and had recently bought an antique spinning wheel. I mostly spin on drop spindles too, but I have a little experience with spinning wheels too. We set up the wheel and I showed her how to spin on it.

The wheel was in a very good condition, it needed just a new drive band, a new tie for the treadle, a little grease on the axle and new plugs to keep the wheel in place.

Working with her wheel made me want to have my own spinning wheel. I've dreamt of Kromski Mazurka for years, but I've never had the space or money to buy one. Maybe now is the right time?