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Friday, November 21

Of Clothes and Weather

November 21, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Remember the dress I began sewing in Spring? The fabric is very fine wool and I set it aside when the weather became too warm to wear it. When the weather got cold again, I took it out to finish.

It's too big. I have shrunk a full size during the summer! While it made me glad it also made me peeved that I'd have to undo all that work. As is usual when I get peeved, I set it aside again. What's the point in trying to take it apart, sew it back up and then find in the Spring that I can't wear it because it's too big again?

It's a beautiful fabric and I do want to finish it one day. I'll probably make it into a skirt as was the original plan. Then I don't have to worry about fitting the torso.

I've been putting off sewing new SCA clothes for the same reason. It takes ages to hand sew something and I'd better get more than one event out of an outfit once it's finished. There are styles that have leeway in how big a circumference of a body they accommodate, or styles that mould the body. These are also the styles that I'm not keen on. So I've been waiting and shrinking.

I also need to go shopping for winter clothes. I have no wool sweaters at all and I can't knit fast enough to produce more than one before the real winter hits. I'm hoping that we do get a real winter this year, last year's was a wimpy little deal.

It snowed a couple of nights ago, there's been ice and frost on the ground in the mornings. So far so good, maybe this year I'll get lucky and there will be winter.