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Wednesday, September 3

New Yarn

September 03, 2008 Posted by Vaire

On Monday I showed a couple of guests from Italy around Stockholm's yarn stores. We went to Marias Garn, Nysta, Lindqvist Garn, Garnverket and Anntorps Väv.

I bought some yarn too, although I tried to restrict myself some. I am afraid that you have to imagine the yarns right now, the camera died as I was taking the photos. I hope he problem was just batteries and I can update the post tomorrow.

Black Malabrigo lace

Two skeins of black Malabrigo lace from Maria's Garn, that are meant to replace the two I traded away.

Colinette Jitterbug

Colinette Jitterbug from Nysta. It's going to make a fantastic pair of socks!


Visjö from Anntorps Väv. This yarn is truly unique, each skein was different and I spent some time choosing to make sure I got the darkest one.

Aade lõng

These two I bought in Tallinn on Saturday to make Revontuli Shawl.