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Saturday, August 23

Project of the Month - July

August 23, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Yes, I'm late blogging this, but I finally managed to get passable photos of the new bed and curtains. I've also updated the flat photo album with the new pictures.

Bed corner.

The "bedroom" corner. I really like this setup and I love the new bed.

Detail of the bedside table.

The bedside table. It is off the floor at the front and I adore it. The colours are inaccurate in this photo. The curtain is green, the above photo is much more accurate in colour rendering.

Better place for the chair.

This is a much better place for the chair — there is nothing tall directly in front of the window. It looks like it is at this angle, but the chair is actually beside the window, not in front of it.

Future plans of improvement:

  1. get a new computer table that is on wheels;
  2. get a chair to replace the current sofa;
  3. organize the yarn, fabric, fibre and general crafting stash;
  4. organize the research printouts.