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Wednesday, April 16

The Fog Is Dissipating

April 16, 2008 Posted by Vaire

The fog hasn't completely cleared yet, but it's getting there. Did I say I hate Daylight Saving Time? I really, really HATE DST. It was bliss the two years Estonia didn't do it and then the corporations whined enough to get it reinstated. Blech.

I'm not going to go into sordid details, but if you are able to operate a ferry between Sweden and Estonia all year round you should not have any problems with Finland being offset by an hour part of that year. 'Tis all I'm sayin'.

For those who wonder how far I am with the dresses I was so keen on sewing — they didn't happen. Oh I began allright, but when I'd made a toile from the old pattern, it still fit. I've lost 12 kilos and I'm the exact same size I was! The fact that I'm still wearing the same size bra should have clued me in, but I reasoned that some of the 12 kilos must have come from the torso, right? Wrong.

I became so dissapointed that I didn't go any further. I mean, what's the point? I'll lose another 8 kilos and go down in a dress size (I hope!). Why should I put so much effort in dresses that will not fit me in 4-6 months? I'll make the new dresses when I'm at the goal weight and wear my Estonian peasant stuff at Double Wars or at any event inbetween. Even if it is baggy. That reminds me that I should check if it's still wearable or eaten up by moths.

The upside of losing all that weight from the stomach/hips/thighs is that the first time in my life I officially have a "rack". Not being able to see my stomach while standing because the boobs are in the way is definitely a new experience. So I'm not too disappointed.