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Friday, February 1

Eco / Organic / Green / etc.

February 01, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Remember how I was complaining that one couldn't find organic produce in grocery stores here? It turns out I've been looking in wrong stores. I have three chain grocery stores and two small ones near me. The small ones and two of the chain stores don't really stock organic products and they were the ones my ex frequented. So did I out of habit, until I checked out the third chain store (which he hated) and discovered to my delight that they stock quite a few organic dry goods, produce and some meat.

The selection seems to be better than when I first went there and is improving. For example yesterday I found organic peas, maize and pea/carrot mix in the frozen section. (Yay, staples!) They also have organic seeds, nuts, dried fruit and grains. Even some grain products that didn't exist four years ago like barley flour. I've sorely missed the organic flours I used to bake with in Dublin.

Their organic meat selection is pitiful, but it's there. I eat meat seldom, but when I do, I want something that tastes good. Nothing beats the flavour of beef that hasn't been doped full of chemicals. If I want a cut that's not available at my local store, I can go to a butchers run by organic farmers from around Stockholm.

So the options are there, one just needs to know where to look. I wish the organic / green / eco stuff was in every store, but the little that is there is a start and I hope that eventually one won't have to look so hard for it.