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Monday, October 22

T minus 12 days

October 22, 2007 Posted by Vaire

The packing proceeds at a good pace. I've dealt with almost everything upstairs, except kitchen and the SCA closet. Oh, and bathroom, but that'll be easy — I have packed all but essentials already. I am leaving the kitchen to next week and will pack the SCA things once I've fetched a suitcase from the cellar.

The computer stuff will be packed the night before the move.

The biggest task this week will be to go to the cellar storage room and tackle the fabrics, yarn and the rest of the accumulated posessions that have been stored away for years. Ugh! I am so not looking forward to this, but I can't put it off any longer.

On a lighter note. I saw this clip on Cute Overload and simply had to share.

This is like Mao every morning! Except that he does leave me alone on weekends.