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Friday, May 25

May 25, 2007 Posted by Vaire

Seven things about me.

I've encountered this meme a few times around blogland and decided to share a bit of my history, before I began blogging, with you.

1. I was born in Tallinn during Soviet occupation and became Estonian citizen when Estonia broke free. I had a very happy childhood, being blissfully oblivious to all the politics around me.

2. I love cats of all shapes and sizes. Most of the times in a zoo I must resist an urge to go and scratch tigers' ears. There were always kittens to play with at gramma's in summer and I must have a cat or two in my life at all times.

3. I have a brother, and I call his wife my sister. They were my best friends before I met R.

4. I am a city girl and will never voluntarily have a permanent abode in a house again. Spacious apartment with a balcony on the top floor of a tall building is my ideal home.

5. All my grandparents died before 1990. I still miss them.

6. I can not drive a car or a motorcycle. There has always been public transport where I have lived, I've had no need to learn.

7. I became interested in IT in high school, but was persuaded not to study it in college. I went on to become an IT specialist anyway.