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Friday, October 20

October 20, 2006 Posted by Vaire

I've got braids again! Reddish purple this time. No pictures yet, but as soon as there is sufficient light, there will be some.

One day when we were going home we passed a shop that used to be closed and noticed that there is an extension shop there instead. Woohoo! I went in straight away and enquired about the prices, how long it would take and can I book a time, please? I didn't book then and there because I didn't know when I'd have spare time. I booked the Wednesday evening last Friday and got braided. There was only one braider this time, but boy was she fast! She did nearly waist length braids all by herself in six hours. All the previous times it has taken two braiders eight hours to do an equivalent job.

I'm happy about them and I make peole smile at work when they pass me.