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Wednesday, September 20

September 20, 2006 Posted by Vaire

On Monday when I was downtown shopping for a cable for my brand new phone I discovered a yarn store. Or rather a store that sells yarn among other things.

When you enter the room you're greeted with mounds of yarn.

Yay! you think. Treasure! and then you pet the yarn.

Hmmm. Fishy... This dos not feel like wool. Doesn't look much like wool either.

You turn to the label. "Wool" it pronounces with bold letters.

This can't be right, you'd know the feel of wool...

You search for the fiber content on the label. To your horror you realise that 25% wool fibre equals wool yarn.

You scream and run out of the door.

Aran "wool" yarn

Nah. Just kidding. You buy 800 grams to make a bathroom rug or three.