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Friday, September 9

September 09, 2005 Posted by Vaire

It has been a busy week. The training began on Monday and I haven't had time to do much else than go home and crash. Today I will be paid for the first time and yesterday I received my PPS number. PPS is Personal Public Service number and is used by any public service to identify you. For example you can't get a bank account unless you have PPS number and without it you have to pay 42% emergency tax, with it you pay 20% tax. Hopefully I got it in time for the first pay.

Other than that there is nothing interesting going on, there has been no knitting, no sewing or bookbinding. We got cable TV connected on Wednesday and the fixed phone is still being processed. We can't get broadband through the cable TV, so I'm looking into other options. Looks glum so far. The area is so new that there are very few services available. I'll just keep looking.

Update: The PPS number will be applied to this week's pay which I'll get next Friday. Oh well, at least I'll get the difference back.