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Wednesday, June 22

June 22, 2005 Posted by Vaire

I still can't tell you what I hinted at last week, but fortunately there is something else to write about.

Last Saturday we had a picnic at Drottningholm with a few friends. Drottningholm is the castle the Swedish royal family lives at, all the parks are open to the public when the king is not home. Last Saturday he was so some areas were roped off, but the grounds are big enough for everybody.

Drottningholm palace

This time I made sure I had the camera with me. First we ate some and enjoyed the company of a couple of ducks.

Ducks at Drottningholm

Then we went around, looked at the castle and the parks.

Parks of Drottningholm

The day was sunny and beautiful, we had lots of fun going there and hanging out with our friends. The only downside is that I caught cold and have been out of the action since. It is getting better now, my head is not so clogged and I can actually think again.