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Wednesday, December 15

December 15, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Yesterday I went to knitting_in_sthlm meeting for the first time. I met some new people, practiced Swedish and learned new words. Like nystan – ball of yarn. I also learned from Myra how to wind a center pull nystan without nostepinde (nystapinne). I was working on a Christmas gift I can't disclose here because he reads this blog. Fun was had by all and I'm definitely going back.

I still haven't firmly decided what to do with the Arrowhead Lace sock. Though I'm favoring the option of another color toe, I have to decide whether I'll spin the yarn myself or try to find something from stash.

Meanwhile I've been working on Fortissima gloves.

Fortissima Colori gloves

I've reached the pinky on the right glove and am knitting the thumb gusset on the left one. When I reach the time to begin the fingers on left glove, I'll continue with the right glove to the same point. Then all that remains are fingers. Lots of them.

The color sequence in the ball I use for the left glove was off by almost one repeat. The yarn begun with the tail end of green. I had knit the whole 2"/5cm cuff before I decided I wouldn't be able to live with that big a difference after all. So I picked a spot in the tail end of the blue, cut the yarn and cast on again. I'm pleased with the result, there is a two-round difference between the gloves, but it is fine with me. Yarn like this is not supposed to match perfectly anyway.