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Friday, July 9

July 09, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Hi! I'm back! Robin Hobb is a brilliant writer, the whole story (The Farseer, The Liveship Traders and The Tawny Man) is excellently told. If you can put up with the main charcter (Fitz) being stupid and whiney all the time, it is a very enjoyable read. Fortunately he doesn't figure in The Liveship Traders trilogy and it is my favorite of the three trilogies.

Between reading I have sneaked in a little bit of knitting and spinning. I have begun the leg decreases on the Landsknecht hose, there will be 2 less stitches to knit every 8th round. The spinning is for Nordic secret friends exchange and can't be revealed just yet.

Yesterday R took me for a walk on Longholmen. It used to be a prison island, but it is a beautiful park now. The prison complex itself has been converted to a hotel.

I used the opportunity to further get to know my camera, this time the subject was water.

Auto Mode:

Auto Mode

Landscape Mode:

Landscape Mode

Fast Shutter Mode:

Fast Shutter Mode

Slow Shutter Mode:

Slow Shutter Mode

As you can see the different modes are not different at all when it comes to water.

I will leave you with two summer sights of Stockholm.

A sightseeing boat docking ...

A sightseeing boat docking

... and a fishing hook dangling from a branch.

A fishing hook dangling from a branch

The summer is here at last!