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Monday, May 3

May 03, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Thanks everybody, for the comments. The Black ex-Blob is very comfy and surprisingly warm. The sleeves are a trifle bit short, but not short enough to make me want to undo the cast-off immediately and knit more. One day... Maybe.

I knit a little on violet socks over the weekend.

We had a test in school on Friday; we'll know the results on Wednesday.

I was notified today, that my research paper on Votic knit fragment didn't win the A&S contest in it's category. I got 80 points out of 100 and that wasn't enough. I have the judges' feedback and there are a couple of suggestions to make it better. Like explain knitting terms for non-knitters. Because I've been knitting since I was 9 I didn't realize they needed to be explained. Everybody was taught to knit in school, right?

Well, in Estonia perhaps, but not in the Western world.