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Wednesday, January 14

January 14, 2004 Posted by Vaire

R had his interview today. It was over in five minutes, the interviwer looked at the papers we provided, asked when we had met first and noted that it is good that I retain my job when I move.

She didn't give a definitive answer, though. She will decide, hopefully, this week and then send the results to us. R will get his letter first because mine will go to Swedish Embassy and then they probably will call me.

This means more waiting. Oh well, I should be used to it by now. But not knowing is hard...

On knitting. I have finished R's future SIL hat and knit a short scarf with leftovers. Pictures to follow tomorrow. Today I started a pair of gloves. The winter has finally arrived and I'm in dire need of wool gloves.

I'm planning to buy a digital camera so I could post pictures of entire items, instead of partial scans. I'm not sure what the minimum requirements should be. Could anybody help me out here? Please send me because Blogger and still don't see eye-to-eye.