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Wednesday, December 10

December 10, 2003 Posted by Vaire

The glove cuff socks are progressing nicely – one foot and two toes to go. I plan to wear them at Christmas party at R's mom's place.

There is only one item I'll knit for a gift this Christmas. My brother needs a new scarf and I decided I still had enough time to finish it before I leave for Stockholm. To make it more fun I'll knit it sideways in garter stitch with a darker or lighter stripe in the center. Well, after knitting a swatch and calculating the necessary stitch count I almost tossed the idea. 380 stitches to cast on. Oy! After working on small projects for years it feels like a gargantuan undertaking, but while the rows might be long, there won't be many of them. So I cast on... and knit a row... and right now I'm somewhere along the first quarter of the second row...

I used crochet cast on and counted in tens of stitches, checking off each ten. I'm not entirely certain I did cast on exactly 380 stitches, I might have messed up the count here and there. I'm not going to count them again, even if I missed a couple, who's gonna notice? Somehow I think it'll be long enough.